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Magnum Rifle Primers | Large Magnum Rifle Primers In Stock

Looking for huge magnum rifle primers that are in stock? Look no further than Smokeless Gun Powder for Shooters! We have a large assortment of popular brands, such as Federal, Winchester, and CCI.

Check out our current selection of Federal 215 large magnum rifle primers, CCI 250 magnum rifle primers, and more!

We carry all of the reloading supplies you need, including large magnum rifle primers (1000 count) and tiny magnum rifle primers. For all of your federal magnum rifle primer requirements, trust Midsouth Shooters!

Small-handgun Magnum Primers: Shooters use these primers in small to medium-handgun cartridges with high-pressure loads. Cartridges, such as the 357 Magnum, use small pistol magnum primers.

Large Pistol Magnum Primers: These primers are well-suited for high-performance hand loads in cartridges such as the 475 Linebaugh.

Small Rifle Magnum Primers: Small rifle magnum primers are excellent for magnum rifle cartridges, providing reliable ignition.

Large Rifle Magnum Primers ignite strong magnum loads, such as the 338 Lapua and 300 Weatherby Magnum.

209M Shotgun Magnum Primers: Designed for large waterfowl and turkey loads. When it comes to primer manufacturers, we are pleased to offer a selection of well-known brands, all of which are known for their quality and dependability:

What’s the difference between standard and magnum primers?

Magnum primers are designed for larger, more powerful cartridges that require a hotter spark to light powder more effectively.

Federal Large Magnum Rifle Primers | Winchester Large Magnum Rifle Primers